Journey to Canada: PD for librarians and Canada & World Studies teachers

Wherever I go, my PLN tells me that they wish we had more time to hang out together….well this is it!!

There’s still time left to register (by Thursday night please!) for the Ontario School Library Association council Summer Institute…virtually free to you in Ottawa this August 10-11-12.  Here’s our description:

Ontario School Library Association (OSLA)

Facilitators: Kate Johnson-McGregor & Alanna King
Aug 10-12, Ottawa  
Come learn and discover new technological tools and methodologies relating to the revised Social Studies, History & Geography curriculum. Whether this is your first year in the classroom or your twentieth year, there is something here for everyone!

Why not invite:

  • a couple of colleagues from the Canada & World Studies department
  • the 7/8 geography/history teachers from your feeder schools (or vice versa!)
  • your school library partner that you never get enough time with
The details involve:
  • all expenses paid accommodation and meals in Ottawa for 3 days
  • field trips to the Library and Archives of Canada AND the National Art Gallery to tour and tryout their great resources for learning
  • tons of great resources
  • time to reflect and work on your teaching practice


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