#BIT15Reads: Interview with Will Richardson

Author of From Master Teacher to Master Learner joins me today to discuss his books and his journey as a teacher/learner. at 6:30 pm ET.

…and there you go!  A fascinating discussion….I took 4 more sticky-notes worth of notes, did you?  I’ll keep wondering about how we can

  • create opportunities for teachers to bust out of their silos and get time to collaborate together about cross-curricular concepts and skills
  • sustain intrinsic motivation in learners….make sure it lasts all the way through school and beyond
  • make and curate connections to experts who would be there just in time for students who are on a self-determined learning curve

Really exciting.  Please, if you’re finding resources or having reactions to Will’s work or your own thoughts as a learner/teacher, please comment or reach out to us in #BIT15Reads.

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