The Witch’s Boy by Michael Gruber (audiobook)

Book title: The Witch’s Boy (audiobook)

Author: Michael Gruber

Bibliographic entry Gruber, M., & O’Hare, D. P. (2005). The witch’s boy. New York: Harper Children’s Audio.
Description Long long ago a boy named Lump is born to a witch.  The prejudice he experiences his whole life, because of his facial deformity and strange behaviour, turn him into an angry young man.  His envy drives him to violence and he loses what he loves most.
Reaction  A fantastic tale that weaves pieces of well-known fairytales together while following the journey of the unknown character, Lump.  The themes and topics are universally human and this book would appeal to any fantasy lover.  Denis O’Hare, the performer on the audiobook, is a wizard as he vocally masters dozens of identities in the book.
Recommended age level  Junior/Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes  Identity quest, fantasy, prejudice
Curriculum connections  English: extend understanding of both simple and complex texts by making connections between the ideas in them and personal knowledge, experience, and insights; other texts; and the world around them
Awards 2006 Scandiuzzi Children’s Book Award for Middle Grades/Young Adults
Miscellaneous  Michael Gruber blogs at

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