Pyongyang: A journey in North Korea

Book title: Pyongyang: A journey in North Korea

Author: Guy Delisle

Bibliographic entry  Delisle, G. (2007). Pyongyang: A journey in North Korea. Montreal, Canada: Drawn & Quarterly Books.
Description  This non-fiction graphic novel is about Delisle’s trip to North Korea to work in an animation studio there.
Reaction The black and white drawings are simple and journalistic.  The narrative is filled with Delisle’s reactions to the new culture he is experiencing in Korea.  Having experienced this culture shock first hand, I know this book would be great for anyone experiencing a cultural shift.
Recommended age level  Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes  Culture, communism, travel, animation
Curriculum connections Art: apply elements and principles of design to create art works that communicate ideas and informationSocial Science: describe some of the social institutions of at least three diverse cultures
Miscellaneous  Delisle has also written a graphic novel called Shenzhen: A travelogue from China

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