Bats: Furry fliers of the night by Mary Kay Carson (book app)

Book title: Bats: Furry fliers of the night

Author: Mary Kay Carson

Bibliographic entry  Carson, M. K. (2012). Bats: Furry fliers of the night. Bookerella.
Description This book app or bapp is a brand-new hybrid non-fiction book mixed with an ipad app.  It is broken into seven chapters starting with descriptions of bats and their habitats moving to the most amazing bats of the world.  The book app is nteractive in a number of ways to illustrate the concepts in the book like echolocation.
Reaction  This is the future of non-fiction and a must read for all people in the library world or publishing industry.  I can immediately see how this immersive experience can extend to include issues about ecosystems, climate change and adapt to current data.
Recommended age level  Pre-school/Primary/Junior
Subjects/themes  Bats, new book formats, book apps
Curriculum connections  Science: observe and compare the physical characteristics (e.g., fur or feathers; two legs or no legs) and the behavioural characteristics (e.g., predator or prey) of a variety of animals, including insects, using student-generated questions and a variety of methods and resources
Miscellaneous Created by Storyella and published through Jacob Packaged Goods

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