Canadian Encyclopedia (online reference source)

Book title: The Canadian Encyclopedia

Author: Historica-Dominion

Bibliographic entry Historica-Dominion (Ed.). (2012). The Canadian encyclopedia. Retrieved from The Canadian Encyclopedia database.
Description Organized by key people and events in Canadian history, the encyclopedia has fact-based articles searchable by keyword.  It also recommends articles for browsing and links to a live bilingual blog that highlights different topics within the encyclopedia relating to current events.
Reaction  Quite text heavy junior students would generally not handle the format.  Although filled with references at the bottom of each encylopedic entry, none of them are live links to further information.  There is room for improvement in incorporating new media types.
Recommended age level  Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes  History, people, events, places, Canada
Curriculum connections Geography: evaluate differing viewpoints on the benefits and disadvantages of selected resource megaprojects (e.g., James Bay hydro complex, Hibernia offshore oilfields,Athabasca oil sands, diamond mines in the Northwest Territories, Mackenzie Valley oil/gas pipeline)
Miscellaneous  The junior version is called The Youth Encyclopedia of Canada

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