From then to now: A short history of the world by Christopher Moore

Book title: From then to now: A short history of the world

Author: Christopher Moore

Bibliographic entry Moore, C. (2011). From then to now: A short history of the world. Toronto, Canada: Tundra Book.
Description  A non-fiction description of the history of people and the unique societies around the world.
Reaction  Although the topic would certainly appeal to the recommended age group, the book lacks sufficient visuals.  The paintings used, although artistic and descriptive, are sparse. If it’s a book truly intended for young adults, the purpose isn’t clear.  It’s not comprehensive enough to be reference, and it’s not organized in a way to be accessible.
Recommended age level  Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes History, anthropology, human geography
Curriculum connections History: compare the characteristics of societies that are isolated and those that are in contact with other societies (e.g., leadership, religious beliefs, cultural expression, tradition and law, systems of communication, types of interactions within and among societies)

Geography: distinguish among opinion, argument, and fact in research sources

Awards  Canadian Library Association Book of the Year for Children award shortlist 2012

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