Atlas of ancient worlds: People and places from the past

Book title: Atlas of ancient worlds: People and places from the past

Author: Peter Chrisp

Bibliographic entry Chrisp, P. (2009). Atlas of ancient worlds: People and places from the past. New York, NY: Dorling Kindersley.
Description  Organized by continent, this atlas conveys textual and visual descriptions of ancient people.  It is filled with maps and historical artifacts focusing on art, development tools and architecture.
Reaction  Each two-page spread which focuses on a new regional people is structured in the same way making it easy for the reader to compare cultures geographically and historically.
Recommended age level Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes  Anthropology, history, geography, economics, agriculture, technology
Curriculum connections Geography: identify and explain the themes of geographic inquiry: location/place, environment, region, interaction, and movementHistory: compare the characteristics of societies that are isolated and those that are in contact with other societies (e.g., leadership, religious beliefs, cultural expression, tradition and law, systems of communication, types of interactions within and among societies)
Awards  2010 Notable Social Studies Trade Books for Young People
2009 Best Book award in the Social Studies – Grades K-6 category. Society of School Librarians International (SSLI)
Miscellaneous  Includes a bonus clip-art CD

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