Changeling by Philippa Gregory

Book title: Changeling

Author: Philippa Gregory

Bibliographic entry Gregory, P. (2012). Order of Darkness: Vol. 1. Changeling. Toronto, Canada: Simon Pulse.
Description  The setting is Europe in 1453 and Luca, having grown up in a monastery, is asked to take on the work as an inquirer for the church.  He meets Isolde, a young woman trapped by her inheritance in a nunnery, and together they uncover dark secrets about the monastic order.
Reaction It’s a quick, mysterious, historical read with strong female characters, and strong male characters. I think the cover might make it a hard sell for the male teens in my secondary school library, but if they could get past that, I think they might enjoy it.
Recommended age level Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes  Religion, spirituality, superstition, magic
Curriculum connections History:  compare the characteristics of societies that are isolated and those that are in contact with other societies (e.g., leadership, religious beliefs, cultural expression, tradition and law, systems of communication, types of interactions within and among societies);
Miscellaneous  First in a three-part series called Order of Darkness

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