The World Almanac for Kids (2013)

Book title: The World Almanac for Kids 2013

Author: World Almanac Books

Bibliographic entry  World Almanac Books (Ed.). (2013). The world almanac for kids 2013. New York, NY: World Almanac Books.
Description  This almanac is filled with pictures and facts.  It highlights popular culture in the year 2012 and is organized by topic alphabetically from animals to weights and measures.
Reaction  It’s very visually dense and the index is comprehensive.  Although it is the ‘world’ almanac, it is still very focused on the United States.
Recommended age level Junior/Intermediate
Subjects/themes World facts
Curriculum connections Geography: identify and explain the themes of geographic inquiry: location/place, environment, region, interaction, and movement

Science: assess the benefits that human societies derive from biodiversity (e.g., thousands of products such as food, clothing, medicine, and building materials come from plants and animals) and the problems that occur when biodiversity is diminished (e.g., monocultures are more vulnerable to pests and diseases)

Miscellaneous  Dense non-fiction books like The World Almanac are very popular with struggling readers in my secondary library.  I would purchase The World Almanac, not the one ‘for kids’.

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