Life by Keith Richards

Book title: Life

Author: Keith Richards

Bibliographic entry  Richards, K. (2010). Life. Hatchette Audio.
Description  The autobiography of the infamous rock star.  It includes his early influences, his struggles with addiction, good times and bad times with The Rolling Stones.  His personal life is revealed through romantic escapades, marriage, and fatherhood.
Reaction Filled with profanity and offensive colloquialisms, it is often difficult to see the value in this raw, self-indulgent portrayal of a rock star’s life.  Then suddenly there are gems when Richards describes how music affects him and how he learns new methods in guitar-playing.
Recommended age level  Mature teen to adult
Subjects/themes  Music, fame, addiction, love and relationships
Curriculum connections  Music: gather information from reliable sources on the background of music and musicians, audience responses, and music criticism, and analysis and reflect on the information to enhance their critical judgements and ongoing interpretations of musicGuidance: identify and describe personal factors that can negatively affect their learning and thinking (e.g., low self-esteem, high anxiety, substance abuse, poor interpersonal skills, family relationships);
Awards Audie Award, Audiobook of the Year and Biography and Memoir, 2011
Miscellaneous  Looking to fill in my collection with autobiographies of musicians to support the very active instrumental and guitar programs at my school, I had hoped that this book would be appropriate.

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