Exploring Glogster

Glogster is not a complex idea.  It is simply a fancy way of grouping items together.  However, because you can share multiple kinds of media in one place, and the appearance of the finished product is so vibrant and friendly, it is a natural fit with education.

The first Glogster I remember seeing was on Brenda Sherry’s wikispace .  Then one of my classmates made a Glogster as the front page in our wikispace for a course this summer.

Here’s my first Glogster:


I have an upcoming presentation to my staff on what 21st century learning will look like. I’m hoping that my Glogster page, now added to our staff wikispace, will remind staff of my key points.  I tend to use Prezi for my presentations, but I might try just using the Glogster page, since it is so concise, and my time limit is only 20 minutes.

I can immediately see how teachers would use this as a project, since it is very simple to link to each student’s free Glogster creations.  Creating a Glogster is also simplistic, and I can project that I will use it as a quick concept map or title page.  However I do feel limited by the very cheerful themes, and I think this will quickly bore anyone who wants to create their own style.  I want to create some multimedia aids to help students with inquiry projects.  I’m suddenly daydreaming about Glogsters that include Jings.

For some great examples of teacher-librarian influenced Glogster pages, check out: http://edu.glogster.com/presentation/glog-flow/3713329 (Donovan & Lehman, 2011).


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