Exploring Jing

The goal here is to provide learning 24/7 for my students, heck for anyone’s students.  So I’m trying to make a bunch of screen-capture videos using Jing that will teach my students the stuff that I have to teach multiple times per day. One of those questions that I get asked a lot is how to do citations.

My school board subscribes to Noodletools.com  With our upgrade, students can format their citations in MLA, APA and Chicago-style.  The really cool part is that Noodletools can build a bibliography/works cited/works consulted/references page, notecards for planning essays/reports, and the latest upgrade is that it can actually link directly to Google Docs so that you can write your paper.

Go #1:  I tried to make a Jing about opening a Noodletools account linked to our library, and also how to then find an online article and create a bibliographic entry for it.  I ran out of time.  Guess I didn’t think it would take more than 5 minutes.  Suddenly, my Jing is turning into a series of Jings.

Go #2:  I can screen capture with Jing!  I started applying for this technology grant online last night and did a bunch of tricky calculations.  I thought I better send it to my principal for approval before pressing send, so I opened up Jing and captured it!  Now normally I just use the Print Screen keyboard option, and then move it to Paint and save it, but Jing let me capture it, crop it and save it all in the same program.  Bonus!!

Go #3:  How can I make Jing useful to me personally?  Well, at conferences lately I’ve been trying to show videos online and because of the inferior wireless setups in most venues, there’s been a lot of problems with buffering.  Can I use Jing to capture my online videos and then embed them inside my Prezi presentation?  No, the answer probably exists somewhere, but Jing can’t do that.  At least, it can’t do it and maintain the quality of the original video and audio.

Great resources to guide your own Jing exploration:

TechSmith Education Community

TechSoup for Libraries: Blog post on Jing


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