Digital literacy for all

While I was at ECOO, I met a Twitter friend face-to-face, Peter McAsh (@pmcash) who has pioneered a mandatory digital literacy course at his school in St. Marys, Ontario.

On Friday, I made the opportunity possible to visit Peter’s classroom by inviting myself on a PD day in my board, a regular day in his school.  I watched Peter manage his course of eager grade 9s by:

a) teaching a lesson on how to cite sources in MLA using a citation tool

b) allowing students to have some free time to explore , his app of the day

c) having students really have free time to catch up on missed work, use Facebook or online games, or to just socialize with people in the room

The students were so engaged and so happy!!  I hope to emulate this feeling in my students wherever I go.  I highly encourage you to follow @pmcash on Twitter.

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