Toufah: The Woman who Inspired an African #MeToo Movement by Toufah Jallow and Kim Pittaway

Toufah: The Woman Who Inspired an African #Metoo MovementToufah: The Woman Who Inspired an African #Metoo Movement by Toufah Jallow
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Really really enjoyed reading this for it’s YA/Adult crossover nature. I can imagine handing this to students to help them get some perspective. It has a lot of great intersections with the newcomer to Canada experience — and the issues of access and literacy remind me of Catherine Hernandez’s fictional title Scarborough. Toufah’s story of the corruption and acts of criminal abuse of her time in Gambia as an optimistic young women are so powerful to hear — the audiobook of her reading this is simply captivating. The parts of this book where she gains insight into her own mental health as a result of the sexual trauma would be somehow reassuring to anyone who has suffered in their own way. Although her writing style is ‘green’, her phrases and description are illuminating in ways that are new to me — they stretched me to consider more deeply of all the ways somehow who is escaping to Canada with trauma are challenged in our society. This will definitely be in my top 10. The only thing I wish I could change is the title – it should be something more about recovery and less about the social media campaign, in my humble opinion.

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