The Centaur’s Wife by Amanda LeDuc

The Centaur's WifeThe Centaur’s Wife by Amanda Leduc
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This book must have been like a difficult birth as it was so ethereally emotional for me to read, that I can’t begin to understand what it would have been like to write. I find it really hard to read anything dystopian in these darker times and so there were moments when I really struggled to continue….not because the writing isn’t brilliant (which it is) but because humans are dying en masse. To enter into the world of The Centaur’s Wife you have to suspend your disbelief multiple times, as LeDuc brings you back to this global crisis again and again. You get attached to a character…they die. You start to cheer for a food source…it is depleted. Be prepared to grieve again and again. But within the heartache and tragedy there is a silver, glowing thread of continuity as LeDuc tries to express, from the depths of her tortured soul, what it means to be thought of as ‘broken’. Personally, I will devour anything that LeDuc writes in the future, knowing that I will survive my own tragedies through knowing hers.

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