Avoid the Summer Slump: for Secondary Students

If I were you and I had just come out of this semester feeling like a squeaky wheel, rather than a finely tuned speed racer, I would want to get back up to speed in time for the new semester or even for the next step in your post-secondary pathway. 

peacefully reading

Here are my suggestions for how to avoid the summer slump as a secondary student:

1. Read widely

why? – stretch yourself to read something outside of your comfort zone

  1. Choose something from the F.O.L.D. challenge (Festival of Literary Diversity) 

Great lists of Diverse Books here: https://thefoldcanada.org/webinars-activities/the-reading-challenge/

2. Read Canadian 

why?– you’re a Canadian writer so get to know your colleagues

b) Evergreen list from the Ontario Library Association Forest of Reading – adult list 


c) Amnesty International Canada book list – books that highlight human rights


3.  Buy yourself a new notebook 

…and fill it with your ideas/musings/poems/story starters this summer. 

why? – proving that you can be an autonomous thinker is a big step in moving to a self-directed mindset

Need some ideas for writing prompts? Check out Wattpad’s forums on resources. https://www.wattpadwriters.com/t/the-motherload-of-resources/141961

If you’re ready to go deeper, then please visit my blog post to see my recommended reads:




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