Rescue Me by Anne Shillolo

Rescue MeRescue Me by Anne Shillolo
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Shillolo manages to develop her 3 main characters really well in just 150 pages. Rescue Me is a great title for the ‘me’ refers to each of the narrating voices, and also the polar bears that they seek to save through their protest actions that serve as the plot and as the setting for this book. There are some crazy things that happen in this book and it is a non-stop roller coaster of action. There’s a little bit of romance but the main focus is about making hard and unpopular choices for the first time, made a little easier through strong friendships. I’m hoping for a sequel (or two or three) as I’m certainly not done with the characters of Vin, Stace and Erin.

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