Best BITs: Admiring administrators

What are the 3 qualities you admire most in your favourite school administrator ever?  Here’s what our group inside TeachOntario said:

  • “…openness, approachability, and excellent communication skills, an understanding of academic subjects, a belief in trauma-informed classrooms, and a positive, trusting attitude towards their teachers.  I have had Principals whom I knew “had my back,” and trusted me;  they helped me grow professionally.”~Anne Rocchio
  • “…Allowing staff to explore and pursue their passions/interests as well as leadership opportunities; Approachability; Respect and support I have been also lucky to have had administrators who have allowed me to attend workshops and conferences every year. It is also important when administrators are approachable and take the time to listen.~Jess Longthorne
  • “…mutual respect; openness to new ideas brought in by staff; challenging the “norms” of the school to create a culture of learning”~Daniel Pinizzotto
  • “I admire principals that are passionate about school improvement. Ones that constantly seek ways that we can do better. I appreciate leaders that allow people to take risks when trying something new. I also like to feel supported.”~Michael McClenaghan
  • “Administrators who make a point of sharing an interest in their colleagues’ areas of focus while supporting growth, demonstrate the importance of learning.”~Sean Kelly
  • “They believe in me! – I actually think that this sums it all up! When I have had educators who have believed in me then it as resulted in autonomy, trust, opportunities, professional dialogues etc. . . Additionally, it also means that they pay attention and actually listen to what I am saying and are willing to take risks with me.”~Kristy Luker
  • “Someone who has a vision and is transparent about what they expect; Someone who gives teachers freedom to try new things (especially technology!); Someone who communicates clearly”~Larissa Aradj

I like administrators with vision.  I like them to think globally and to act locally.  I like to have a focus.

I’m looking forward to hearing what you have to add to the conversation.

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