#BIT15Reads Flipboard of our reading

I want the book club to be as accessible as possible to every member. As of this moment, we have 63 members from Ontario, British Columbia, Quebec and beyond to Jordan and New Zealand.

This week I found an app on my iPad to replace my old aggregator Zite called Flipboard. An aggregator creates reading for you based on your interests and sources that you curate.  It creates a tailor-made news source just for you.  What I love about Flipboard, as someone who makes libraries and archives for a living, is that I can aggregate from all sorts of media types and put them in a Flipbook ‘magazine’ for later reference. The only trick is that to see my magazine you have to join Flipboard….but can do that by linking any number of social media sites. I can then push my Flipboard out to social media, my blog, etc. etc.  It’s beautiful on my iPad and easy to transfer to my PC.  I’m working on one for my school now about the conflict in Syria:  https://flipboard.com/@banana29/syria-4iq63vkgy

Like Pinterest, it allows readers to heart something, reshare it to your own magazine or push it to other social media.

Here is the one I’ve started working on to collate all the sharing we’re doing for #BIT15 reads:

#BIT15Reads Book Club Flipboard

I’d like to invite you to contribute to it with me!  If you’re interested send me a DM in Twitter or Facebookhttps://cdn.flipboard.com/web/buttons/js/flbuttons.min.js

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