#BIT15Reads Labour Day Weekend Google Hangout On Air

Testing testing! This is our first attempt at meeting face-to-face….online! Using Google Hangouts on Air this is supposed to let me:

  • talk to some of my favourite #BIT15Reads members
  • livestream our discussion
  • record the event for later playback via YouTube

Don’t worry if you can’t make it this time, because we’re going to try to meet in this way each week at 7 pm EST on Sunday.  Please give me your feedback!  The best way to reach me is through our Goodreads Book Club, or on Twitter @banana29 or on Google+

So that was fun!  I apologize to anyone who tried to get into the Google hangout and couldn’t.  It’s completely my fault, you see, I saw the opportunity to make the discussion livestreamed and couldn’t resist, but it made a separate link to the correct hangout and it messed everyone up.  Please let’s try again next week!

In the meantime, it seems like the nuts and bolts are working, and then everyone is starting to commit to a book.  Again the goal is that you’ll read one book this month, fill out the form to vote, and then we’ll eliminate 5 books by October when we’ll repeat the process with a second book.  Of course you can read as many books as you like!

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