Becoming a Great High School by Tim Westerberg

Becoming a Great High School: 6 Strategies and 1 Attitude That Make a DifferenceBecoming a Great High School: 6 Strategies and 1 Attitude That Make a Difference by Tim Westerberg

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Westerberg manages to combine a whole whack of educational theorists work in this short book. We read it as a conversation starter for our department heads/administration/directions’ team day away which falls between semesters. What I appreciated is how he manages to reference so many of these theorists and mash them all together. He even references Carol Dweck’s Mindset, which is a game-changing book for many workplaces including education. However, it’s not a book that has time to go into depth on any one theory. This book would be great for new teachers as it might lead them to greater works on educational theory. It’s also a nice snapshot to get the conversation flowing.  It would be a great choice for staff that are non-readers themselves.

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