You’re Finally Here! by Melanie Watt

Book title: You’re Finally Here!

Author: Melanie Watt

Bibliographic entry Watt, M. (2011). You’re finally here! Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press.
Description  A bunny talks through the book to the reader about waiting.  Explores emotions of impatience and etiquette of negotiating time with another person through dialogue.  The bunny becomes annoyingly needy by the end of the book so that the reader must close the book.
Reaction  The dialogue is between the bunny and the reader so it is a very interactive book.
Recommended age level Primary
Subjects/themes Waiting, patience, being on time, being needy
Curriculum connections Social science: explain how and why relationships, rules, and responsibilities may change over time, and in different places
Miscellaneous  Great social story for talking about waiting and being on time.

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