Augustine by Melanie Watt

Book title: Augustine

Author: Melanie Watt

Bibliographic entry Watt, M. (2006). Augustine. Toronto, ON: Kids Can Press.
Description  Augustine, a young penguin from the South Pole, moves with her family to the North Pole.  She overcomes the initial awkward feelings of loneliness through her art.  Her drawings help her connect to her new school community.
Reaction  Filled with art from Renoir to Matisse, the story emphasizes how artistic expression can be used to communicate ideas and feelings.  The story would be useful in the classroom where any new beginning is happening.
Recommended age level  Primary
Subjects/themes  Moving, art, expression, family
Curriculum connections The Arts: manipulating elements and forms to convey or express thoughts, feelings, messages, or ideas through the artsSocial Science: identify people with whom they have significant relationships, and the rules and responsibilities associated with people, places, and events in their lives and communities
Awards  Named an ALA Notable Book
Miscellaneous  Melanie Watt’s quirkiness is starting to emerge in Augustine.  This leads to her hit books Scaredy Squirrel and Chester.

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