A Jing about the best parts of Evernote and Diigo

Here is my two cents on the pros and cons of Evernote and Diigo.

Since it’s only my second Jing, I still get nervous about saying just the right thing, and I also feel anxious about the time limit of 5 minutes. There’s this nerdy sign off on the end, that somehow reminds me of how my Dad used to embarrass me at the elementary school concert, but nonetheless it is a successful Jing and I hope that it highlights some of my intended comment about Evernote and Diigo.

Studies (Hans Van Der Meij & Gellevij, Veronikas & Maushak)  are showing that still screen captures have had little effect on the learners ability to grasp concepts.  However when combined with audio and/or video, students are able to conceive more efficiently material.  This explains the success of such growing institutions as Khan Academy, where students can watch videos taught as a lesson as many times as they choose in order to grasp a concept.  My hope is that the Jings I will create for my library work, will benefit my entire school community in the same way.



Hans Van Der Meij, & Mark Gellevij. (1998). Screen captures in software documentation. Technical Communication, 45(4), 529-543.  Retrieved December 4, 2011, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document ID: 35829739).

Susan Walsh Veronikas, & Nancy Maushak. (2005). Effectiveness of Audio on Screen Captures in Software Application Instruction. Journal of Educational Multimedia and Hypermedia, 14(2), 199-205.  Retrieved December 4, 2011, from ProQuest Education Journals. (Document ID: 907825491).


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  1. I use both Evernote and Diigo but for different purposes. Like you, Evernote is more for my personal use and even though it’s easy enough to share a note or a folder (email the link), its design seems to be more for the individual taking notes ‘on the fly’ as it were. Diigo is powerful for annotating the web and I teach all my senior students how to bookmark and annotate web pages. It is one of our debate tools; imagine seeing what your opponents are bookmarking as they build their arguments! I didn’t know about iftt.com. Thanks for that one! I’d love to see more examples of how you use it. I’m loving these blog posts!


  2. Thank you for this screencast. Like you, I find myself using Evernote more often for personal use and Diigo more for teaching. Diigo is superior, of course, for highlighting and annotation. But it doesn’t do very well with images. I like the concept of ifttt but haven’t completely figured it out. Thank you again.


  3. My staff will really like this because you have integrated so many platforms that work for school but also your personal life. Wow if this then that is very cool.


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