New applications for Voicethread

2 new uses for Voicethread so far.  Even though it is quite a simple tool, I’m finding complex reasons to use it.

The first is that I’d like to create a series of booktalks for students to access through our library websites. Booktalks are taking on whole new formats now that we can put them online (Hayes, 2010). I plan to make a booktalk for each one of the books nominated in my White Pine Book Club.  Then I will be able to store these media booktalks in my book club’s ning.

If you’d like to comment on the Ysabel booktalk, here‘s the link.

The next is to try to instigate conversation about school-wide concepts. As Sprankle (2009) emphasizes in his article, I hope that Voicethread will allow for my staff to engage in collaborative dialogue about common issues.  Because Voicethread is participatory, it should allow more people to participate.  I’m hoping to use this next one, on the challenges that our school is facing with technology, and get some response before, I lead our next staff meeting.


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