Adventures in Technology: Survival with your Staff

A great discussion today at ECOO11. Once again by inviting some discourse about how to meet the needs of a needy staff as we make the transition to technology, we filled a room with leaders who are struggling to meet the needs of their schools. I particularly found our discussion on overcoming barriers to time and resources very revealing. I hope that I gave everyone a voice and encouraged community building. 

Here is one of the two videos that I wanted to show today but couldn’t because of our dodgy internet connection (grrr….just keep swimming, just keep swimming)

Here is the second video that I wanted to show:

Why Choice Matters: A Story Shared by Kathy Cassidy from unplugd on Vimeo.

Here are the results of our survey:

Here is also the link to our Today’s Meet discussion:

Here’s my presentation:

Adventures in Leadership through Technology on Prezi

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