#Edcampto via Twitter

This past Saturday was the inaugural session of EdcampTO.  I couldn’t go because of all my other commitments, but between working on my inquiry project and the other responsibilities, I followed the #edcampto hashtag.

Edcampto was touted as an unconference.  They had everyone show up and register in a common area, and then post questions they had about education on sticky notes.  The questions were then considered possible sessions for the first slot of the conference.  After some more time, everyone was asked to vote for their preferred session by putting a flag on top of the sticky.  The 4 question stickies with the most ‘votes’ were then put into 4 rooms.  There were no presenters, and each person in the audience become as much of a contributor as a recipient of the idea-sharing.  In all there were 4 sessions.

Here are some of my favourite tweets from the day:

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  1. Looks like it was a good experience. I was too tied up with preparation for ECOO – but/and at least I get to see YOU at that conference! Hooray! What were the four areas/themes?


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