#BIT16Reads: Garfield Gini-Newman joins us for a Hangout on Air

 We’re midway in our August book “Creating Thinking Classrooms” and author Garfield Gini-Newman has agreed to join us for a lively discussion on this topic: How schools need to refocus the goals in order to better prepare students. Join us here live at 2:30 ET or via the Twitter stream at #BIT16Reads .

#BIT15Reads Google hangout: Making Connections

This Sunday September 20th at 7:30 ET please join our Google hangout as we talk about the connections you’re making in your reading.

To join the Google Hangout on Air you need the invitation link here:  https://plus.google.com/events/c04tvql6btg4nhj40peum6b0iak

and you need to be in your Google + account.  If you have more than one Google + account, then you might need to see which one you’re invited to!  There has been some confusion in the past, but don’t give up. DM me on Twitter if you want me to invite you personally through Google+ or search for me there.  There are a number of tutorials on YouTube about joining a Google Hangout on Air but the main points to make it easier for you are:

a) it’s easier if you have a Google + account

b) it’s easier if you and I are already connected on Google +

Below is the livestream of the event for you to watch.  If you’re watching and can’t join us in the hangout, try tweeting others who are doing the same using the hashtag: #BIT15Reads