Shadow Life by Hiromi Goto, illus. by Ann Xu

Shadow LifeShadow Life by Hiromi Goto
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I love Canadian graphic novels. My bar for graphic novels for adults is in this category of Essex County that was an Evergreen nominee some years ago. This is not of that quality in terms of its appeal or its readability for the graphic-afraid reader. However, the artwork is exceptional and the topic is really unusual and would be a fantastic companion read to They Left Us Everything: A Memoir (Evergreen past winner). Our main character is struggling to care for herself as she loses physical and mental capacity due to aging. Her stroppy daughters want her to be in nursing care but she thinks out she can live independently and does so without telling anyone and sets up in an unusual apartment. She notices and captures the Shadow of Death that is following her, and in her decline she loses sense of what is and isn’t real. It’s a beautiful book. I hope that you’ll grab this one and give it a go.

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