Becoming Leidah by Michelle Grierson

Becoming LeidahBecoming Leidah by Michelle Grierson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I waited so long to get my hands on this debut novel for the Nordic setting and it’s dip into mythology. It’s just a quiet little Norwegian fishing village …or is it? One of the local fishermen, Pieter, happens to catch a little something extra in his net one day….a beautiful woman named Maeva who tangles him into a passionate embrace. Together they create baby Leidah who is blue and has webbed hands and feet.

Spoilers ahead: The thing is, Pieter’s heart already belonged to another…the local herbalist/witch. Pieter goes out of his way to keep his new wife and baby safe from prying eyes, but Maeva can’t be kept and longs for the sea. Together with the witch, Pieter hatches a plot that uses the power of the old gods and the new to keep Maeva imprisoned. Told in multiple time plots of memory, dream and mythology.

You want juicy themes of love triangles and a shape-shifting baby in between? This has got it all. I devoured it….like a crispy fish sandwich at a seaside picnic stop.

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