Best BITs: Struggling with technology and youth culture

Author and researcher danah boyd says “By positioning youth as “other,” adults fail to recognize or appreciate the ways in which youth use technology to connect with others, learn, and participate in public life” (p. 42)  Later she talks about how this generational posturing that we do (well, back in my day…) just adds to the participation gap.

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How can teachers facilitate the integration of technology when we are culturally removed from the social norm?  Does it matter?

Looking forward to your comments.


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  1. “Our” norm, “their” norm – the norms can intersect – even overlap! Boomers, Xers and millennials can find common ground in the world of social media. We should strive to find that common ground – it’s today’s reality!

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    1. I like that a lot…we’re all occupying spaces in many physical realms, so why not online social ones too? Are you exploring new online spaces as a parent, Charlene? Are there online spaces for you too where the young’uns don’t go?


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