IGNITE presentation: Arts-based research

For those of you who haven’t found out about the Pecha Kucha style of presentation, there’s already another kid on the block.  It’s even faster than Pecha Kucha with 20 slides at 15 seconds each. I found it really difficult to do asynchronously but that’s what my professor wanted so I tried.

First she had us do a warm-up a week ahead, putting just a few slides together to show that we had mastered the technology.  Here’s that attempt:

Then we put the whole thing together:

What I really liked about the method of making this IGNITE presentation was how scaffolded the difficulty was. Here are the steps again:

  1. Make a mini-presentation with just a few slides and a clear topic for each slide.
  2. Make a full IGNITE presentation on your upcoming essay topic.
  3. Write a 3000 word essay.

I’m still working on the essay but I knew a week ago how I would organize it based on the work I needed to do for the IGNITE presentation.  I can think of a whole bunch of ways that I can adapt the same scaffolded strategies to levelling up in digital literacy, building content knowledge and writing/research skills.

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