The Adventures of Medical Man by Dr. Michael Evans and David Wichman

Book title: The Adventures of Medical Man: Kids’ Illnesses and Injuries Explained

Author: Dr. Michael Evans and David Wichman

Bibliographic entry Evans, M., & Wichman, D. (2010). The adventures of medical man: Kids’ illnesses and injuries explained. Toronto, Canada: Annick Press.
Description In this non-fiction graphic novel style book, Dr. Evan takes on the role of a new hero in six medical adventures.  Each adventure describes a common kid illness or injury including nut allergy, concussion, broken bones, strep throat, ear infection and asthma.
Reaction Told in the genres of film, the entertaining narrative voice takes on the qualities of the genre.  Both informative and amusing, The Adventures of Medical Man has the potential to expand to a series of books on medical subjects for kids.  The illustrations are larger than life and often contain detailed scientific subject matter.
Recommended age level Junior/Intermediate
Subjects/themes Medicine, illness, injury
Curriculum connections Health and Physical Education: recognize the responsibilities and risks associated with caring for themselves and others (e.g., while babysitting, staying home alone, caring for pets, volunteering in the community, assisting someone with a disability, preparing meals, travelling to and from school and other locations), and demonstrate an understanding of related safety practices and appropriate procedures for responding to dangerous situations (e.g., safe practices for preparing food; responses to allergic reactions, fire, sports injuries, dental emergencies, hypothermia, bullying)
Awards Nominated for the Ontario Library Association’s Red Maple Award 2013


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