Nice Recovery by Susan Juby

Book title: Nice Recovery

Author: Susan Juby

Nice RecoveryNice Recovery by Susan Juby

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Susan Juby’s own story of recovery is fascinating, raw and often hilarious. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 2/3 of this book. Although I read the rest of the book, I would describe it as opportunistic. This portion, where Juby talks about various strategies to recovery needs to be a reference guide, and not part of the actual novel. Recommended for the OLA White Pine award for non-fiction in 2012, it will be a fascinating read for its visceral and authentic voice.

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Bibliographic entry Juby, S. (2010). Nice recovery. Toronto, Canada: Penguin Canada.
Description Juby’s struggles with anxiety as a child and teenager lead her to abuse alcohol.  This autobiography is very revealing in how young adults are consumed by emotions that often leave to a self-medicating behaviour with alcohol and drugs.
Reaction Juby’s gripping tale of drug and alcohol abuse, addiction and rehabilitation are disturbing.  Her humourous and self-deprecating spin on each tale allows the reader to approach these difficult topics with ease.  The latter third of the book is informational and dry, but the first two-thirds of the book are insightful.
Recommended age level Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes Anxiety, mental health, alcohol abuse, addiction
Curriculum connections Health and Physical Education: describe the influence of mental health on overall well-being
Awards Nominated for the non-fiction category of the Ontario Library Association’s White Pine awards
Miscellaneous This is Susan Juby’s first non-fiction book


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