Children’s transportation encyclopedia

Book title: Children’s Transportation Encyclopedia

Editor: James Harrison

Bibliographic entry Harrison, J. (Ed.). (2001). Children’s transportation encyclopedia. Vancouver, Canada: New Millenium Books.
Description  This encyclopedia covers historical and modern developments in transportation for vehicles on wheels, on water, on the tracks, in the air and in space.
Reaction  The drawings of each vehicle are almost photographic in their realism.  The text is dense in the descriptions of each vehicle, but the visuals and the textboxes filled with quick facts make this book appealing to a wide age group.
Recommended age level  Junior/Intermediate/Senior
Subjects/themes  Vehicles, history of technology
Curriculum connections Technology: demonstrate an understanding of the relationship between various aspects of the transportation industry and society.
Miscellaneous  The publishing house has closed so the book is now unavailable.

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