Why should we take learning online?

There are a million reasons why I advocate for greater use of online learning.  Here`s a video I made a year ago talking about what it`s like to push that resource in my school and in my board:

Why Vision In Education Matters: A Story Shared by Alanna King from unplugd on Vimeo.

Looking back….I started with 3 teachers, lost one along the way and then gained another one.  In September we`ll have 5 more teachers working with at-risk and co-op students using the e-learning materials.  Sometimes I feel like shouting: Ìt`s coming! Get ready!“ After leading for two + years to change how we use technology to deepen understanding of key concepts and skills, I`m still standing.  A colleague asked me a few years ago, why I was so interested…. and I replied “I`d rather be on top of the wave, than under it.“ Other than student engagement, transferable technology skills, differentiation for each student and round the clock access to learning….what other reasons do you need?

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