Find of the Week: Science in Education Podcasts

As you know, a major focus of my inquiry project is podcasting, so I’ve trying to find some mentors.  While I was at ECOO, I got to participate in a live podcast series from Colin Jagoe (@colinjagoe) as he was interviewing a Canadian scientist.  He had a crew of one, handling video and audio.  Here is the site:

VROC, who hosts, This Week in Science Education, works to connect students and scientists all over Ontario in telecast situations either face to face or over the internet.

At my school we recently hosted a live 5-person discussion over the proposed megaquarry in our area.  A question came up about alternatives to gravel that only a scientist would probably know the answer to, and so I hope that these 2 services will add to our discussion, and others like it.  I can smell the educational potential.

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